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At MMS, our taxation service professionals guide our clients through a maze of tax laws, regulations and rulings. In addition to our main goal of helping clients stay compliant, we also have an intense focus on helping them to move forward. Each MMS tax consultant brings to the table all of the credentials you would expect — including advanced education and master of taxation degrees. They also have practical business experience, and an integrated, consultative approach to providing tax accounting service.

Our tax consultant provides advice and insights tailored to your industry, type of business or individual tax situation. Our tax consulting and advisory services includes such benefits as:

  • Tax Preparation and Compliance - ensuring corporate, partnership and individual filings are timely, complete and accurate
  • Audit Representation - resolving tax notices, addressing tax audits and appealing positions with national and local tax authorities
  • Tax Law Changes - keeping you abreast of all the latest relevant changes in legislation
  • Advance Rulings - preparing documents and negotiating with SARS to facilitate decisions prior to financial transactions

Our approach to tax advisory — whether we’re serving individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability corporations or estates — is defined by a personalized approach to planning and preparation. Our tax consultant services include:

  • Completing personal and corporate income tax returns, advising on the implications of income tax legislation, and contacting the South African Revenue Service on the client’s behalf
  • Advising on other forms of taxation, such as PAYE/SDL/UIF, company tax, stamp duty, estate duty, donations tax and VAT
  • Advising on capital gains tax and dividend tax
  • Estates and Trusts

Please contact us to learn more about our tax services.

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