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Our People


Louis Meyer

CA (SA), M. Comm
Auditing and Corporate Governance
With more than 30 years of professional experience, Louis serves on the MMS Executive Management Team as the Managing Director.

Manie Steyn

Auditing, Trust & Taxation
With more than 20 years of professional experience, Manie serves on the MMS Executive Management Team responsible for the audit division.

Paul Botha

B. Compt (Hons) Professional Accountant (SA)
Accounting & Reporting services
With more than 17 years of professional experience, Paul is the managing director of MMS Entrepreneurial Services.

Jannie van Deventer

Auditing and Financial reporting
With more than 10 years of professional experience, Jannie serves on the MMS Executive Management Team.

Jacques van Wyk

Accounting and Auditing of Trusts
With more than 14 years of professional experience, Jacques serves as the managing director of MMS Trust Services.

Tiana Kluyts

Auditing and Consulting
Tiana obtained her BCompt Hons degree from Unisa in 2006, where after she joined the MMS Group in 2007. She qualified as a Chartered Accountant in February 2008 and has since been appointed as Director in 2014.

Marilize Louwies

Dip. Payroll Administration Services
Payroll Administration and Statutory obligations
Marilize Louwies is a payroll industry specialist with more than 16 years of payroll management experience.

Sadia Mahdi

Consulting and Taxation
Sadia joined Louis Meyer and Manie Steyn in Meyer Steyn Chartered Accountants in 2008 and then became a director in 2009 whereby the name changed to Mahdi Meyer Steyn Chartered Accountants Incorporated.

Dirk Bester

Dirk has a passion for the entrepreneurial spirit and being one himself has also been involved in various successful start-up companies in various sectors of the economy.

Reinier Duraan

Reinier has a true passion for keeping ahead of the game through the use of technology. This is evidenced in his successful implementation of various technological solutions in various clients’ financial functions.

Contact Us

Johannesburg Office:
Tel number: 011 672 0020
Cell phone: 082 551 7949 (Louis Meyer)

Cape Town Office:
Tel number: 021 045 0550
Cell phone: 083 261 6954 (Dirk Bester)

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